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What I use for Fuel…

By on January 11, 2013

I have experimented with tons of different types of fuel, both solids and liquids. I have had different levels of performance with each, based on a variety of variables, such as terrain, activity type (run, bike, swim, hike, etc), and seasons of hot and cold. I have drank these things super cold, warm, hot, and then undrinkable hot. Some have even scarred me from ever drinking them again just because of how they aged in the heat on the bike while baking in the South Louisiana heat during a 100+ mile ride. But since Ironman Louisville I learned some hard lessons about nutrition on the bike, solids, and liquids… After experimenting to find the right mix I have been using GU Roctane Ultra Endurance for all of the cages, my aero bar drink bottle, and my hand helds on the run. I train with it and I race with it… I feel like I have finally nailed down some of the missing components of my nutrition and, as always, there will be more adjustments as I continue to learn.

Top Reasons I love this product:

  • It mixes VERY fast
  • It has a mild flavor that tastes great and refreshing,  not the overwhelming flavor that makes you want to barf  10 hours into a race
  • If you spill some on your hands during a race it doesn’t turn into insanely sticky glue like other drinks
  • One serving is 240 calories and 59g Carbs packed into that light tasting drink… You won’t believe that there is 59g in there… It’s awesome
  • I have not cramped on the drink and when I was at hour 5 in my last 70.3 I felt really fresh and happy with my energy levels.
  • My Flavor of choice is Tropical Fruit… To be honest I’m hooked on that flavor and it’s tough for me to choose another..


Cheers, Dustin