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Trail Runner Nation, One Of The Best Resources For Runners, PERIOD!

By on September 18, 2013

Have you been running trail a lot? Have you been running up, down, and around rocks? Well, maybe you have been living under one of those rocks if you haven’t been listening to Trail Runner Nations Podcasts. I was first turned onto TRN (That’s the super top secret cool acronym us cool kids call Trail Runner Nation) when my coach hosted a running clinic with famous natural runner Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. TRN asked Dr. Mark to come on and speak about what he knows best, running.

This would be my first TRN listening experience and I quickly went back and listened to every single past podcast and then waited patiently for each new episode to be released each week. While waiting I would go back and listen to all my favorites again, again, and again. In this post I will give you my TOP Trail Runner Nation Podcasts. If you run then this will be a MIND BLOWING experience for you. Ok, Ok Dustin “MIND BLOWING” might be a little overboard, right? Um, No… I can assure you that pretty much everything that you know about running, training, eating, drinking, sleeping, buying, wearing, pooping, and peeing will be covered in this TOP Trail Runner Nation Podcasts and it’s most likely NOT what you believe to be the “correct” way/method.

In addition to the star studded guests and super scientific quality content, Don Freeman, Scott Warr, and Faith Goss will have you bursting with laughter with their real, personal, playful back and forth banter. I happen to be a bit of a talk radio buff and the first thing I noticed about this podcast was the great energy, passion, and the playfulness that really comes through the microphone as being super genuine, fun, and trustworthy. You’ll find yourself hanging onto each episode like you would a sitcom. Without further delay here is the TOP Trail Runner Nation Podcasts:

(These Podcasts are in no particular order or rank. Different topics are covered by each expert. Enjoy)