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Time to get back to work

By on January 7, 2015

Since I began this whole thing in 2011 I have been going full blast without any breaks. When I finished Ironman Florida 9 weeks ago I told myself I would take the holidays off, gain some weight, relax, focus completely on my son and work for a bit. It has been very nice being lazy and allowing myself to take a break. Having said that, I am ready to attack the 2015 Ironman season now. I am looking at racing 3-4 full Ironmans this year and I think it should be an exciting year.

The biggest step towards getting back into the swing of it will be nutrition. While taking the break I was REALLY making some bad decisions with food and I am happy to be out of those bad habits now. I gained about 12 lbs and it was fun… LOL… But it’s over…

This week I began with some food prep because at the beginning of a lifestyle change I think convenience ends up being the biggest factor in success or failure. I covered five days of meals and made sure I would be full of good foods and not go hungry and splurge on bad things. Time to get down to race weight.

  • Black beans, broccoli, roasted beets
  • Greens (either kale or beet greens)
  • Smashed potatoes with cauliflower, garlic, celery, onion, and peppers.