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The Merrell Road Glove, 5 months later…

By on July 10, 2012

After running in the Road Glove and Bare Access for 5 months I’ve completely transitioned into the Road Glove as a full time shoe. It was a patient learning journey but after this past weeks 18.23 mile run in my Merrell Road Gloves I’m definitely a Merrell lifer… I will run in the Road Glove during my full Ironman Louisville.

Since switching to my Merrells I have completely changed my style from a constantly injured heal striker to a healthy natural running form. I have noticed a significant increase of power in my lower leg core structure, my balance and stability has increased substantially, I’m recovering at a much faster rate than before, and my confidence level has really increased because I feel a complete awareness and control unlike I have ever felt while running in the past.

Here is what they look like now. (I have not ran in a normal shoe since my marathon on January 14th, 2012… Thank you Dr. Ryan Green from Varsity Sports for nudging me in the right direction and for all the coaching)