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The Louisiana Half marathon and a new 13.1 PR!

By on January 21, 2013

One year ago I ran the first inaugural full 26.2 Louisiana Marathon. This year I opted to run the half marathon because it fit perfectly into my current race schedule, I felt like it was just the right race for me at the time, and I wanted to run it with a little speed to see how my body was feeling. The race weekend went perfectly with food, hydration, and rest. My friend Ben let me stay at his place in Baton Rouge, then he fed me well (Thanks Ben). The weather was absolutely perfect on race morning, it was cold, and it was clear with no rain. I ran out with a group of friends that held a good solid pace of 8:30 min/mile until mile 11 when they went really barn sour and sprinted to the finish, I was already in my PR zone so I trusted my instinct to keep running consistent at 8:30 min/mile, and get my new PR.

I can’t say enough about this race… It’s just good… The weather has been perfect both times, the company has been good, the after party was awesome, and now I have matching half marathon and marathon medals!!! (and we all know that Boston LOVES his medal collection)

Here are some great photos from this weekends Mobile Merrell Tour 2013