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The Loss Of Training

By on February 17, 2015

I came off of last season feeling really good. I have been racing non-stop since I started in October of 2011 with my first half marathon. After I crossed the Ironman Florida finish line on 11/2/14 and put number #5 on the board I promised myself a little time off to recover, rest, focus on family and work, and travel to Indiana to see family with my son over the holidays. It started out as a two week break but as I was about to come back my son got the flu really bad and I had to stay home from work for a week and take care of him. Right after that week I came down with the flu for a week and I was NAILED hard with it.

After my bout with the flu I started back with some base training, nothing too hard, just nice and easy. I was doing 3-4 training sessions per week. In the second week back I was in my kitchen and I turned to the left and coughed pretty hard and my lower back exploded. It brought tears to my eyes when it happened. I couldn’t sleep, run, get on my bike, or even pick up my son. It hurt to tie my shoes or even slip them on. I let this go on for about a full week until I knew it was not going away. It had already been a long time since Ironman Florida and I started to get depressed, started eating, reckless coping eating, and I committed one of the greatest sins ever by drinking a bunch of cokes. The loss of training comes with an array of feelings… Working 60+ hours a week and drinking coffee, cokes, eating out at lunch everyday.. ughh.. Not good..


I was gaining weight, losing fitness, and now my whole game plan and routine was falling apart. I could swim a little so I just started doing that every day. I studied the back, read every article on the web, and then started what I thought would be a recovery routine. Core, ice, heat, good nutrition, etc.. Nothing worked.. The pain wasn’t going anywhere. I reached out to a doctor friend and he sent me to Rehab Dynamics. I began rehab this past week and it will be another 4 weeks before I can get back to normal training. I had to drop Ironman Texas but I still have Ironman Mont-Tremblant, Ironman Louisville, and Ironman Florida on the schedule.


In many ways it feels like I am starting over again… I gained about 20 lbs, I feel massively out of shape, my clothes don’t feel right, my skin doesn’t feel right, and I am just uncomfortable. I remember feeling like this when I first started this whole journey and now I am back here again. Not even close to being in my original state but when you obtain something, then lose it, you just want to get it back again. I can promise you one thing, I won’t give up. Ironman KONA is the ultimate dream. When I started this 12 Ironman journey to KONA I knew there would be good times and bad times. I guess it was just my turn to spin the “injury wheel of fortune”.  What doesn’t break you… Well, you know the rest 😉