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The Key To True Fitness

By on June 30, 2013

I’ve made lots of errors in my training and fitness in the past 2 years and along the way I’ve learned the keys to my personal fitness success. With that being said, the journey never ends and there is always something new to learn and improve.

Although I am presenting the keys to you, keep in mind that your personal journey and success depends on your ability to listen to your body, adapt based on your own situation, and create realistic short term and long term goals.

Throughout your fitness journey you have to ingrain these words into your brain.


Consistency – Frequency – Intensity


The human body is elegant and it can adapt and perform based on what habits and conditions its put under and/or through. To create change in your body you need to be consistent with training effort and diet, frequent with your training, and properly select intensity levels based on your health, your goals, races, and lifestyle. You must keep the body moving, period. Even if it’s only 20 mins per day you can make big changes if you do it all the time and really stay dedicated to the long term goal, a healthy life.

The answer to health and fitness is, and has always been simple… Keep moving, eat clean, drink water, sit as little as possible, get plenty of sleep, and try new things that involve moving. I love triathlon because it’s swimming, cycling, and running. I love all of these things, I always have something to improve on and learn, and it keeps me mentally and physically stimulated and regulated.

If you are looking for a sign, a moment of clarity, or something to help you get moving then take this article as the final push. We were born to move and our bodies can do so much more than we give them credit for. Begin your own health and fitness journey today and start a new path.

And remember, Never, Ever, Ever Give up and ALWAYS be RELENTLESS!!!