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The hardest thing so far.. Is not training..

By on December 28, 2011


Well, so far on the journey to the ironman I have hit a few barriers and both of them have been in the form of injuries… The first was a foot injury that just wouldn’t go away but after messing with it for months, getting lots of help from some veterans, resting, and strength training, I worked through it. This time it’s a time sensitive marathon threatening injury that has me a little freaked out. After consulting a few pro’s there is only one fix for my injury, REST! This isn’t what you want to hear weeks away from the marathon but it’s what must be done.


I’m in Indiana this week visiting my family and hometown and I was supposed to be getting TONS of short hill training “taper” runs to really give me a nice kick for my 1st marathon but I’m afraid those will not be happening, instead I’m doing NOTHING!! I hate not being able to run, bike, or swim.. All three aggravate my leg so I will just have to keep the compression socks on, eat good, sleep good, and hope it heals in time for the marathon on 1/15.

safe travels and have a happy new year,

Cheers, Dustin