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Team #GuEnergy Advice from Andrew Starykowicz

By on November 1, 2013

I am getting ready to race tomorrow at Ironman Florida and I got a chance to sit down with Gu Energy Athlete, Ironman Florida Champion, and Ironman Bike Split World Record holder (4:04:39) Andrew Starykowicz.

Andrew is one nice guy and asked all about my back story and also offered up some great well known advice that will always be the key to Ironman, “Only worry about what you CAN control and don’t worry about what you CAN’T control.”

And he also says, “cycling cramps happen… Don’t worry.. They usually hit me at mile 80-85 and I know I’m on track if that’s happening.. But I also know I just have to get to the run because I’ll be using different muscles and everything will be ok.” Great tips from an Ironman Champion.

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