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Specialized Trivent Shoes

By on April 28, 2013

I’ve been using the Specialized Trivents for a little while now and I am more than impressed with them. I have made some big changes that I really didn’t think would happen.

1: I switched to sockless riding. Before this I would have never even thought about it because my other shoes would have a couple of hot spots and I just couldn’t justify all of the trouble with blisters.

2: I ride with my shoes slightly loose and now my feet feel a lot more rested and less stressed when I get out of them and start running. If I need them tighter I just reach down and rotate the BOA system a couple of clicks and I am in business. Tightening and loosening these shoes are really so simple and amazingly convenient.

3: I used to sit down, put on my socks, put on my shoes, walk to T1 with my bike, slowly click in, and then start rolling. I did this because I just didn’t have the right shoe… Now I run to the bike, jump on, no socks, and start riding. My T1 time at Ironman Mont-Tremblant is going to be SICK FAST!! I can’t wait!

Check out this quick video to get an overview on the Trivent and how it works.


I don’t write a lot anymore these days mainly because I like to get to the point and Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS Method). So here is the quick of it…

1. These shoes look like space technology and it’s like having a brand new red Porsche strapped to your feet (comfy, fast, and sexy as hell)

2. They function as triathlon specific shoes fulfilling all the needs that elite pros need, and even us “lackey wanna be Ironman Triathletes” like myself.

3. They are ultra COMFORTABLE.

4. They are flexible and can change with your needs during a long ride (loosen them quick or tighten them quick)

5. Once you clip them on your bike there is really not a need to ever take them off again… They could probably be permanently installed onto your bike…