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Sick, Setbacks, and Cancelled races… It happens

By on March 14, 2013

Last year things just worked out perfectly on all fronts and I was able to keep hitting every race on my schedule without any major hiccups, even adding last minute races. This year I have not been so lucky. I’ve already cancelled two races due to sickness. I was slated to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans 26.2 Marathon and after I fully trained for it I got the flu and missed the race, bummer. I rested up, sucked up the missed race, and moved on to training hard for the 263 mile Ultra Cycling Race. I was already up to 400 miles per week and feeling GREAT when I was diagnosed with Meningitis.

For the past 14 days I have been 100% down, on the couch, in pain, and zero training (not even physically possible if I wanted to). So now the 263 Mile Ultra Race has been cancelled.  Until my doctor releases me I can’t even start training again. This was a bummer because it was my first Ultra Cycling Race and it would have been a great experience. Regardless, these races were to build base fitness for my Ironman Season and I am keeping my eye on the prize. Getting to the North American 140.6 Ironman Championships in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, CN is the main focus of this Ironman season.

Setbacks are going to happen and in the past I would have really been stressed about missing these races, but now I have a different outlook. Racing really isn’t the key, nope, not even close… It’s the journey, the daily training, the frequency, the consistency, it’s the whole lifestyle. Race day is a celebration of “daily success”. If you show up on race day healthy, execute at least somewhat close to your plan, then things will generally go well if you trained correctly, honestly, and made training a “daily success” in your life.

The more I learn, the more races I do, and the more training I lay down I have developed a new mental goal that has helped me “chill” about missing races and obscure time goals. I want to run, bike, and swim all the way into my 80’s. I want to race and train at levels that reflect optimal health, optimal heart rates, and work towards that long term goal of LIFE. So these little missed races, missed time goals, and normal “bummers” are not bummers at all anymore. Why? Because there will always be another race, another goal, another day, and another opportunity. Races are just like taxis, if you miss one just grab another. So don’t sweat the little things…  Moving forward I’m going to depend less on GPS/pace, and more on my internal “happy pace/speed”, I’m going to worry less about “keeping up” with others and more about slowly building a super base of fitness.