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Running In The Rain..

By on February 24, 2012

For some reason my favorite time to run is when it’s raining outside… The heavier downpour the better… While the rest of the world is trying to keep their hair all pretty, clothes pristine and dry, running in a full out panic because of a little water, you’ll find me lacing up my Merrell Run Road Gloves for a nice wet run. This past Saturday I was running down this long stretch of road next to the highway and I just felt this rush of happiness shooting through my veins, I started laughing out loud, and I realized there is no other place for me except out on the road in the pouring rain… Happiness comes in a lot of forms… For me it’s my 4 year old son Boston and running in the rain.. Go figure.. Cheers & happy Running to you all…

Running In The Rain - merrell

Running In The Rain - Merrell Natural Running