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Road To The ironman

By on December 17, 2011

Hi, I’m Dustin.. On June 12th, 2011 I started my journey to become an ironman. I weighed 220lbs, ran a 11-13 min mile, I couldn’t swim 25 yards without freaking out, and I didn’t have a bike… Now I weigh 168lbs, I completed my first half marathon in 1:56:24, then I ran a full marathon with a torn muscle in my foot (because I am stubborn to a fault),  I then completed a couple 70.3 half ironmans, then completed a half dozen century rides, knocked out a 5150 triathlon, and then went to Louisville Kentucky (my hometown) and completed my first Ironman and conquered a dream and HUGE goal. This was the best week of my life. I spent it with my son, my family, and my friends. The journey thus far has been awesome, I’ve met so many inspirational people, recruited some elite coaches, and made some great friends, I became 100% Vegan at the beginning of my journey, and I can actually say I’ve never been in better shape (even better than the high school football years). I proved to myself that I could do the impossible… I could become an Ironman… Now the journey continues… More Ironman?? Yes.. More Marathons?? Yes… More big goals?? YES!!!!! Stay Tuned and Keep reading 😉 Cheers

(This post is the original post and tons of other updates have occurred since I posted it a long time ago. Check out Ironman Race Reports to see the new races I have completed because A LOT has changed. I wanted to preserve this post in it’s final “Couch to Ironman” glory and not keep updating it over and over. This post will give you a sense of what happened in this particular year when I decided to change my life.)


Before and After

before and after

Before and After

Louisiana Marathon 26.2!!!