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River Roux 70.3 Race Report

By on November 16, 2012

This was the first year for The River Roux 70.3 Triathlon. My coach Dr. Ryan Green at Varsity Sports Mandeville told me that his good friends would be putting this race on and it was definitely worth getting out there and racing the inaugural race. So far I have had the honor of racing two inaugural races: #1 The Louisiana Marathon #2 River Roux 70.3. There is just something so cool about being a part of race history. A couple of important things right upfront… NO ONE can race a quality half iron distance in November, in this region, for $150-$200 bucks… Let’s get that right out there because we are all on a tight budget.

The Drive

3am wakeup.  Rob, Ben, and I drove up from right outside New Orleans the morning of the race. I don’t have the cash to stay in a fancy hotel, although waking up really really early worried me just a little, but actually it really didn’t matter because I probably only lost an extra hour of sleep. It was nice to have company on the drive and it also made the drive go by pretty fast. We got there in just under 2 hours.

Pre Race

The parking was plentiful and positioned at the finish line. I packed up my stuff and proceeded to the swim start and transition area. I love that this race offered race day packet pickup and bike in because I live 2 hours away and there was absolutely no way I was going to drive 2 hours up and back just to pick up my packet, so kudos to the race director Pat for making such a smart and considerate decision for his racers.   Packet pick up was a breeze and I was setup in transition in record time.


Point to Point 1.2 mile swim. The swim was wet suit legal and the water temp was about 67. Transition was right next to the swim start, bathrooms were plentiful, volunteers were all around, so yeah it was a nice setup. I only had one complaint about the swim and that was the VERY slippery entry and exit and I recommend that they use some kind of mat next year or something. The water felt very nice, not cold, and there was a little chop but nothing too bad.

Photography by: Benjamin J Netterville Contact:

Photography by: Benjamin J NettervilleContact:
Photography by: Benjamin J NettervilleContact:


56 mile course, pure perfection… I am really impressed with this course because it’s got everything you want like hills, flats, speed, shade, full sun, a tad of wind, great views, a big giant awesome iconic bridge, and good support, just a solid mix of cycling elements. 7 miles of flats until you hit the bridge for a little climbing action (not bad really), then a little downhill and flat towards the next turn, right into some rollers through a gorgeous hilly area (which is not insane but will make you lay down consistent hard work) that will stick with you pretty much for the rest of the ride until you circle back around and hit the bridge again, then the 7 back to town, and transition. Great Course!!

Photography by: Benjamin J Netterville Contact:

Photography by: Benjamin J NettervilleContact:


The Run

I picked my Merrell Mix Master 2’s for this run (love them). The run is an out and back 13.1 half marathon (which I like more than loops). The course is pancake flat, well supported, exposed to the sun for most of the run, has a cool view of the bridge at 10k right at the turnaround, which I thought was a cool touch, then you just take it right back except instead of heading back to transition you will make a right before getting to town and end the race at the Mill.

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Photography by: Benjamin J NettervilleContact:


This is a solid race that will be here for years to come, it felt like a “racers race” if that makes sense, it allows families to enjoy the lake front and activities, it’s perfectly placed to attract Gulf Coast racers seeking good weather, wet suit swimming, and a favorable course. I really liked the race and I will definitely be back next year.


1.2 Mile Swim: 45:00

56 Mile Bike: 3:07

13.1 Mile Run: 2:24

Total: 6:26 (**New 70.3 PR**)