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Reflecting on the pain and suffering… One year of “couch to ironman” training

By on July 27, 2012

Every night I come home from a full day of parenting, trying to hustle up some work and sales, training a ton for the ironman, and trying to stay healthy in the process. It never fails that I am falling a sleep with several ice packs, lots of anti-inflammatory foods in my belly, compression, elevation, massage tools, etc… Pain and suffering has become an everyday part of my life now. I look back at the old Dustin and I remember the smallest things getting in the way of my daily life. A stubbed toe, a hang nail, a sore muscle, or something else that I would now gladly take over ANY of the basic pain that I experience these days. The interesting thing is that the pain and repair process is just a normal daily thing now… It comes, I take care of it, and that’s that. My body has become pretty efficient at repairing basic injuries and the little tweaks that keep sneaking up on me as these repetitive actions break down my body. My mental pain threshold has been lifted to an all time high. Things that barely bother me today would be a huge deal to the old Dustin… So many have asked me, “If you have to go through all this pain why in the hell would you do it??? It just sounds crazy to me.” My answer is simple.. Never, ever, ever give up… I want my son to see, by example, that he can do anything… Anything is possible and PAIN is TEMPORARY… If you have a dream you have to do whatever it takes to get there.