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Overcoming Fitness Obstacles, Staying On Track…

By on June 3, 2013

We all know how starting your fitness journey can be a struggle. Throughout your journey you will encounter setbacks, injuries, plateaus, personal issues like financial stress, relationship stress, parenting stress, and most of the time when things go wrong they don’t go wrong alone, they bring multiple “go wrongs” with them. As a single parent I knew that I needed a “break in case of emergency” workout that could never be derailed, missed, weather could not dictate if it would happen or not, and no matter what “I” would be the only factor deciding if a workout would be performed or not. My Kurt Kinetic Road Machine ( Indoor Fluid Bike Trainer ) quickly became that “break in case of emergency” workout. It’s a 45-60 minute consistent effort workout that keeps my heart rate at 148bpm. This is what keeps me going…

We all have to have one of these methods ready to go no matter what, without it times are always going to get tough. You need your fitness routine to stay on track, keep stress down, and to keep moving towards your ultimate health and fitness goals. Maybe it’s a one mile loop around your neighborhood, could be that p90x dvd, a free YouTube fitness video, pull up bars mounted on your door frame, planks, sit ups, etc… It does not matter what it is as long as it’s a 100% guarantee.

The next step is to realize that YOU are the one responsible for your health and fitness. Once you establish your “break in case of emergency” workout then you can never have an excuse again.  If it doesn’t happen you have to quickly admit to yourself that, “I decided not to move closer to my goal… I made that decision.. On purpose…”

This one workout can be the great equalizer that mentally and physically keeps you in the game and moving towards your race, your goal, your health, and more mental confidence. specialized trivents merrell gu energy naturade