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My 34th Birthday Wish #RacingForSteveO

By on October 22, 2014

Tomorrow, October 23rd,  I will turn 34 and much has happened in the last few years. My life has radically changed and my heart and mind have followed that change as well. From ages 1-30 I had never finished an “impossible” Ironman race. From ages 31-33 I finished 4 of them (it will be 5 next week at IMFL). Through this journey I have become a better father to my son, I have become a better man, I have become a better friend, I have become a better employee, and most of all I have learned the art of never giving up until the job is done.

One of the biggest things I have encountered along the way are friendships. I have met so many people from around the world and each one has impacted my journey in some way. While meeting these many friends I came to know a family from my home state of Indiana, the Smiths. It started out as a casual Facebook introduction from a friend Alissa, “You must meet my friend Sarah’s Dad, Steve, he is an Ironman that went to KONA, just like your dream.” Of course I immediately got on the Steve-O train when I began to listen to his inspiring story.  ( Read My First Post About Steve-O Here )

So long story short, I have a special birthday request, not just for my birthday but for Steve’s birthday too, his birthday is this week as well. Most of you know that Steve-O passed away recently and now we are left with his legacy. His legacy burns very brightly deep in my heart and it’s my goal to make the Steve-O Foundation a long long long lasting organization that not only lasts, but grows and reaches out across the world. To do this I need your help with ONE SIMPLE FREE GIFT… It’s my birthday gift.. It’s really the only thing I want… So I am sort of begging for this gift. It will only take a few minutes and it will be HUGE for the Steve-O legacy and foundation. Sarah, Steve’s Daughter, has written out the instructions below. I am asking with my heart.. Please do this for me 🙂 Thank you in advance for my gift, Dustin


“USA Triathlon is looking for nominations for their Hall of Fame. If you know “someone” who deserves this recognition, please fill out a nomination form ( BY CLICKING HERE ) via the USAT hall of fame website

Here’s the criteria:
Age-group athletes – “competed with great success in major national or world events over a period of years; demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship; and contributed in other ways to the betterment of multisport.”

Humm? I know a guy who deserves this! Nominations are due by Nov. 15th. If you’d like to nominate Steve-O, please fill out the nomination form and mail it to Sarah Cira 14831 Copper Penny Dr. Granger, IN 46530 or email by Nov. 10th. I can mail them in together with a list of his achievements! ”


FYI, here is why he deserves it:

“6X World Champion, 7 consecutive USAT National Champion, 15X USAT All American, 3X USAT Grand Master Triathlete of the year, 12x Kona Ironman World Championships (2x 2nd, 4th, 5th AG finishes), 250+ triathlons completed since 1985!”