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Merrell Lake Tahoe Commercial Shoot

By on August 7, 2013

Great experience in Lake Tahoe at the Merrell commercial shoot. I met a lot of new friends and it was a great networking opportunity and door opener. We were up and working from 6am-10pm everyday but it was well worth the hard work. Cheers to my new friends and I hope we see each other real soon.

This was the first time that I have visited Lake Tahoe, CA and I was blown away by the shear beauty of the water, mountains, terrain, and temperature. I got a good look around and I really want to do Ironman Lake Tahoe now… Definitely adding that race to my “todo” list.


Salt Lake City, UT – Just waiting to catch my connecting flight to Lake Tahoe, CA.


I am here!! Man Lake Tahoe is AMAZING!! The sand feels great and the water is really refreshing.


We filmed at Silver Lake just south of Lake Tahoe, CA and it was a mountain paradise.


I never knew that Lake Tahoe was SO Deep! 1,645ft deep to be exact… Whoa..


The night before we began filming we ate at a little place called Lakeside Beach House right smack on Lake Tahoe. I took this time to enjoy some food, the great lake views, some cool new friends, and review and study my scripts.


My own makeup artist.. I felt bad for her because DANG!! she has to make this face look good? Toughest job in the business. LOL


Here is a little behind the scenes shot of a hiking/backpacking segment. The production crew was amazing, helpful, sweet, and catered to our every need.


The sand at Lake Tahoe is super thick, coarse, and deep… Definitely wasn’t expecting such lush beautiful beaches on a lake. Felt more like the ocean minus the salt and sharks 🙂


While the production crew was getting setup I explored a little terrain “naturally” with my Vapors and enjoyed the lake view.

photo 1

Just one of the awesome production crew members working their butts off!


We were driving Tahoes in Lake Tahoe, CA… So yeah.. Your mind has just been blown! LOL


If there is a cliff then you MUST jump off of it, right?? That’s what we thought too… Good times.

Out in the hot sun all day… Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water.

photo 4

That’s a wrap! The crew all enjoyed our last night together and celebrated a successful production. Strange how you can connect so deeply to people you just met. It was awesome and also a little sad to leave them so quickly.

photo 5

My makeup artist took care of me ALL week so it was only fair to feed her in return, right? 😉


All good things must come to an end… The sun has set on another successful Merrell Adventure…

Where will Merrell take me next? Stay Tuned!


Goodbye Lake Tahoe, CA.. Until we meet again.. Hopefully sooner rather than later.