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Lance Armstrong Wins Second At Ironman Panama 70.3

By on February 12, 2012
Photo / Race coverage from

Photo / Race coverage from

I could not wait to follow Lance on and see what he could do with his 1st pro appearance in 20 years… Obviously Lance is “returning” to professional triathlete status (something that most people don’t realize or know). Lance started as a pro triathlete and then moved on to his incredible cycling career when he discovered he had an amazing talent for the bike. I’m not going to sit here and write a bunch of regurgitated fluff and stats from other sites because #1, I don’t know Lance and #2, I’m not a journalist… I just wanted to say that this is the type of stuff that gets me inspired to train everyday… Lance held on to the lead for quite a while during the run before Bevan Docherty chased him down and beat him by ONLY 45 seconds.

Lance showed some heart out there because on the back end of that run he was  definitely hurting and struggling, but as always, Lance powered through… I am very interested to see how a 140.6 goes down.. Until then LIVESTRONG and awesome job Lance!!

1 Docherty, Bevan: 0:18:54 / 2:14:37 / 1:12:50 = 3:50:13
2 Armstrong, Lance: 0:19:22 / 2:10:18 / 1:17:01 = 3:50:55