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Ironman Mont-Tremblant is less than 6 weeks away!

By on July 9, 2013

This year I am more experienced, more aware, and I feel physically stronger. My body is much easier to listen to these days and I know when to go harder and when to back off. I have cut some sessions here and there due to family life and not wanting to drop my son off at someones house. It’s tough to be a single dad, work, do side jobs, do more side jobs, train for Ironman, hit the social channels hard, and reply to all of the emails and facebook messages from awesome readers, and Merrell Pack Members, looking to start their own journey.

The 17-20 hour training weeks have piled up now and it’s the peak of full Ironman volume training. This is where it gets pretty tough and, like the Ironman, you just have to keep moving forward and just make “relentless forward progress”. I am nervous about traveling, getting there, making sure it’s perfect, that my bike arrives, that my luggage makes it, and making sure everything works out just right… You know, the stuff we all worry about when something big is on the line.

Although I feel more confident about this years race I have never felt such respect and humble feelings towards a pending physical challenge on my calendar. The Ironman is not something that can ever be conquered, understood, perfected, or “assumed”… The one aspect of the race that woke me up to “Iron Reality” was the Ironman marathon. The Ironman Marathon is one of the most terrifying things about the race. It has the ability to break you down to absolutely nothing and you have to earn every single ounce of that finish line.

I hope to pay homage to it in a much more deserving way this year with a slightly better time, but at the end of the day the first goal is to just finish alive and hear those words that we all yearn for, “Dustin, you are an….” well, you know the rest… I feel like it’s almost like renewing your license… You need to come out year after year to make sure you still have it.

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