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Ironman Louisville 2014 Race Report

By on September 2, 2014

Well this was Ironman #4 and Ironman Louisville round #2. I thought as time would go by and I did more of these races it would get easier. In some ways it has because mentally I know what’s going to come throughout the day (pain) and I think that helps to some degree. But no matter what you do they seem to just stay really hard… LOL (shocker) I am not going to write a detailed race report for two reasons 1) this race is moving dates so it’s going to be a whole new type of race 2) I wrote a detailed race report the first time around. The only thing that changed on the course was a slight detour skipping the 2nd street bridge on the run course, other than that nothing has changed.

Swim 1:28 – Bike 7:09 – Run 7:25 = TOTAL: 16:33

The swim went awesome. I did not really swim this entire year except for a few swim sessions. The last time I swam really long was Ironman Florida last year so I could not be more happy with the results especially with the lack of swim training. I felt comfortable the whole time and I can honestly say my ROKA Viper SwimSkin probably helped me stay flat in the water and gave me just enough edge to keep a fast time.

The bike went pretty good and I did PR my Ironman split so I can’t be mad about that BUT I was on pace to break 7 hours when I had an accident. After turning onto the second loop somewhere around the second or third decent an Ironman Motorcycle official quickly merged from the left lane into the right lane while cyclists were riding fast and then he started braking quickly all at the same time. I slammed on my brakes, veered onto the grass, then tried to bail before I wrecked but it was too late. I went wheel first into a muddy ditch, went over my handle bars, got muddy and pretty angry. The Ironman official never stopped and what’s even more frightening is that they never paid enough attention to know that it even happened. Pretty disappointing actions by the Ironman motorcycle officials. I don’t think these people have proper training or understand cycling really. I would love to have a sit down with that moto rider… But I jumped back on my bike and by some miracle my front wheel was not broken. (note: I love my Ironman volunteers and if they were volunteering I still appreciate your time I just thought it was a potentially scary situation. I was lucky… I was in the slow lane and another cyclist veered left and went directly into oncoming traffic so things could have gotten really bad. Everyone is ok but let’s keep our eyes open out there people. Just know that this can still happen on a Ironman course. It’s not a closed course.)

The run was terrible, miserable, suffering, sucking, horrible (trying to think of more adjectives…). I am still trying to figure out what exactly went wrong but by mile 3 I had a pounding headache, got dizzy when I ran, core temp felt off, and I started throwing up. I tried to replenish my nutrition and bounce back but I ended up puking about five times.  I finally stopped around mile 16 but by then I was in pure death march mode. I just did not care about running anymore. I was sick, tired, and I just wanted to keep moving forward as fast as I could. I did the math and I just had to keep moving at the current pace I was going and I would be fine. I never thought I would be cutting it that close but I am more than lucky to have gotten out of that one alive. I saw a ton of people sit down and never get back up. I have never felt that helpless in a race before. My mind was saying, “Dude just tough it out and run the rest. Just get it done you wuss!!” but my body would not respond.

I could not be more happy with the outcome. I went to a pretty dark place and I was able to come out alive. I wanted to do the best job I could do on this day and leave it all out there and I can honestly say I didn’t have anything left. Normally I have a big smile at the finish line but I did not have it in me. I just wanted to cross the line and go home and sleep. Toughest one so far… See you at Ironman Florida in about 7 weeks.