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Ironman Florida 2015 #5

By on November 29, 2014

Well, this one was for Steve-O and with him recently passing away my heart was focused solely on having a fun race filled with positive thoughts while I wore his KONA bike jersey during the race. It was truly an honor to wear it and I am more than humbled that his wife and children sent it to me to race in. (Check out the jersey in the photo below on the bike)


#RacingForSteveO #IMFL

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The swim was brutal, I got bitten by a great white shark half way out. It must have been at least 27 feet long. Actually the swim was cancelled due to winds and rip currents… No sharks 😉


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The bike was turned into a time trial start and it was a cold, windy day. It was 31 degrees, 30mph-40mph winds, and just a long suffering bike ride overall. It was one of those rides where you knew it was going to be a gold star  if you just lived through it. The winds stayed in my face for 97 miles, then I finally found a tail wind for the short bit back home.



The run was cool, uneventful, and pain free. My goal was to have fun and try to just get through it as quick as possible. This run especially made me aware of how awesome our little Ironman community is. I high fived so many friends along the way that were competing, or have competed in the past, that were out on the course. I had so much fun out there. Final time 13:26 


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