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“If you are going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill

By on December 12, 2013

With Ironman, running, cycling, swimming, and life, one thing is for sure, change will be a constant and if you are not happy with something odds are if you just hang tough and keep pushing forward things will change like hell momentarily. That’s been my mantra throughout my fitness journey and although I would like to say it’s my original thought its roots actually come from a Winston Churchill quote, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

I’m not a blogger who will smash you over the head with 20 posts per day, but I wanted to drop a post just to stay in touch and also try to keep that motivational fire burning. The off season can be tricky because we can let the cold, snow, rain, and dark evenings and mornings persuade us to stay in bed, hit that snooze, turn in early and skip that late night trainer session. It works the same way with food in the off season. It’s so easy to fall for that extra treat, comfort foods, and overall seasonal gorging that is THE HOLIDAYS.

My advice is to power through and really try to challenge yourself in fun creative ways. I sat down with my friend Rob and we discussed a fun challenge thingy… (yeah that’s the technical word) It’s pretty easy and you can start with some sticky notes, or just paper and tape. Take 7 sticky notes and write down 7 different workouts (Swim, Bike, Run, Gym, Etc..) and stick them on the fridge, door, dresser, bathroom mirror, or wherever you are forced to look at them. Make 3 easy workouts, 3 medium workouts, and 1 super crazy workout. Each day you MUST take one sticky note, complete the workout, and claim temporary victory over the off season. If you made it through the week and no sticky notes are left then you are the Queen/King of the off season. If you missed one or two then get to work on the next weeks challenge.

I like to follow the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) and this 7 day challenge is fun, creative, and it allows you to design it the week prior based on your own personal life, work, family and holiday situations. The really fun aspect is that you must keep a strategy going. If you do all of the easy workouts up front then you are screwed for the rest of the week with difficult workouts. You must be smart and in that moment of laziness you have to make smart disciplined decisions so you can get through the week without missing a workout.

Keep doing it… Try a 14 day challenge with the same principal, hell try 30 if you think you can survive it. Tag your friends in your social channels and get some competition rolling. Have fun with it.

Later Gators!