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RunDustin is now #iamspecialized

By on March 30, 2014

I got a message to head over to my local bike shop last week. I headed over there and they just started fitting me and measuring stuff. I was sitting there with my son just hanging out while they ran to the back and brought out a Specialized SHIV and a Kids Hotrock. Then he handed them to me and said, “here ya go, your new bikes.” I thought he was messing with me, but he wasn’t.

Specialized, from out in California, shipped a brand new bike to Boston and I in Louisiana and welcomed us to the Specialized family. I’m thrilled, blown away, jaw dropped, and insanely excited to start this Ironman season with Specialized. It’s awesome to know that even the slow guys can get on the radar of big companies like Specialized and they believe that we ALL can dream big, have passion for our sport, and keep inspiring other to do the same.

I Spent a glorious 4 hours getting fitted at  my local Specialized Dealer (The Spokesman Pro Bike Works), schooled, and setup for this season. Specialized spared no expense and made sure this bike was custom fit in every way possible. Steve, my Specialized Certified Body Geometry Fit Specialist, measured so many things, tested so many things, and helped me understand why and how everything works. I now understand why this bike is going to change everything. Time for me to shut up and ride!!

Without further or do i want to say a sentence that I have wanted to say for a long time, I am Dustin Hinton, and I am Specialized! #iamspecialized