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Four Easy Steps To Full Merrell Minimal Running

By on January 30, 2013

Lets keep this short, sweet, and uncomplicated. Merrell offers you a way to properly transition into the minimal running world. This road map for success tries to slowly allow the body to adapt, strengthen, and keep your feet totally aware of the ground and terrain naturally. While running I simply want you to shorten your stride, increase your cadence, and develop a slight forward lean while running (don’t lean from the waist, lean from the ankle). Don’t listen to music while doing this, but rather, listen to your body. How hard are you hitting the ground? Try to make it quiet… (and don’t forget to just enjoy the process and have fun being outside.)

(Look at image of the Merrell shoes and follow from Left to Right)

1.) You’ll be starting with The Merrell Mix Master Move (or Mix Master 2). This shoe is going to give you some of the cushion and comfort that you are used to but it’s going to be 4mm heel to toe drop. This first step is enough for now and you’ll notice a better feel for the road. Compare the cushion to a standard shoe in your closet and you’ll quickly realize that you have made some big changes by switching to this shoe.

2.) Next you’ll graduate to The Merrell  Bare Access 2. This shoe is an incredible tool in your arsenal. Get ready to feel the road way more than you did with Mix Master and also get ready to strengthen your legs core muscle system and really make huge progress during this Bare Access 2 transition phase. This shoe has a ZERO heel to toe drop and it’s a whole new world… You definitely won’t be in Kansas any more…

3.) Then you’ll move to The Merrell Road Glove 2/ Trail Glove. Welcome to full out natural running. You’ll feel a lot, A WHOLE LOT, you’ll never zone out again and wonder what’s going on. When you are running in the Road Glove 2 your body will be working in full awareness mode. Tread lightly during this phase and don’t overdue it. Rocks, debris, and trails can really beat the foot up and you’ll need to be patient and let the foot strengthen over time. Don’t be afraid to do a Road Glove 2 run, then switch back to Bare Access 2 for your other runs that week. Variety is a good thing when it comes to feet. Too far, too fast, and too soon will spell disaster. Don’t fall victim to this… Take your time.

4.) You are now ready for the ultimate natural running graduation, The Merrell Vapor. You have made it, you are now basically wearing a sock with a super thin Vibram sole. You now feel EVERYTHING… Be VERY careful, listen to your body, and switch back and forth between The Vapor and Road Glove 2/Bare Access 2 when needed. You can keep building your natural running strength by doing some mileage totally barefoot and then switch back to The Vapor to complete the rest of your runs.

That’s it… I like to use the KISS method (keep it simple stupid)

The road map for success is easy, Merrell has you covered, and I am here for you 100% of the way…. Now LET’s Get Outside!!!!