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Chrissie Wellington Officially Retires from Ironman, a legend forever, a hero, a true inspiration…

By on December 3, 2012

4 Time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington has decided to step down after a one year break from Ironman Competition. This might not seem like big news to some, but don’t be mistaken, it is huge in the sport of triathlon. Chrissie changed the sport, surprised everyone by coming out of nowhere, made the word “comeback” a little harder for everyone else, and turned “getting chicked” into a nightmare death race for Pro Men everywhere… She will still be around promoting and harvesting the financial crop from her years of hard suffering work. I will drop one section from her blog because it touched me the most while reading it this morning over coffee:

“‘Who am I? What makes me happy? What fuels my fire? Where am I going? What are my gifts? And if I died next week what would I had wished I had done? And, as always I try to let three key life principles be the stars that guide me:

1) Take chances and not let fear get in the way of making a change

2) That failure is necessary for success, and finally

3) That the only limits are those we place on ourselves: and it is possible to overcome those limits to achieve more than we ever thought possible.” – Chrissie Wellington


Love you Chrissie, you inspired us, me, more than you know… I secretly dreamed of getting a medal put around my neck one day in KONA long after you crossed the finishline, showered, ate dinner, took a nap, then returned to put medals on all the slow age groupers still finishing 😉

Cheers, Best Wishes, and Keep pushing your good spirit out there…