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Being Humble… Being humbled…

By on April 29, 2012

Today I wrapped up a busy weekend of training with a hard 62 miles out in the rolling hills… I rode with a new group this time and they are known for being fast, really fast. They didn’t warm up much, HAHA, right out of the gates we started moving and grooving so I knew this was going to be a challenge. I stayed right with them up until 26 miles, then got dropped, then did some hard work to catch back up… I frantically fought to stay in the pack but made a gear mistake on a hill at mile 46 and I never saw them again HAHAA, except I did catch one guy around mile 50 and we rode in together.. It was a hard lesson… I finished with the pack I rode with last time and that always feels good but this time I was rewarded with being pushed out of my comfort zone, I got a PR for longest sustained average pace (20.34 MPH for 62 miles), and I learned some lessons about gearing and staying in the pack.  It was a great weekend.. I logged 92 miles in two days on the bike and a 5k road race with a new PR. I feel myself getting stronger, more knowledgeable, and slowly I’m building up that experience that is oh so important in this world of triathlon.  Cheers and thanks for the support.. and GO STEVE-O!!!!!