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Barefoot & Minimal Running Is Not A Fad

By on December 18, 2013

Barefoot/minimal running is not a fad. I can prove it. Just look at your feet. If they are still there then your argument is invalid.

  • Do big shoes have a place, hell yeah. They are tools just like screwdrivers, hammers, and saws, and they have a specific function.
  • Do crutches have a place, hell yeah. But when you heal you put them away, right? We don’t keep using them for years and years until we weaken and change our bio-mechanics.
  • Do we want to step on glass, no! This argument is silly.. Please stop, haha! Don’t step on glass and mind your surroundings. Barefoot running will teach you to track and scan more efficiently.
  • But I’ll break my feet!! So wear gloves all day from now on, just in case, because you might hurt your hands too. But Dustin, if I wear gloves all day I can’t do things right, uh oh.. Busted. Works both ways. Your feet won’t be able to do things right either, like feel, send data to your brain, and allow you to FEEL what needs to happen with your running form.

The truth is, we are weak. And that’s where the buck stops. Get strong, use lots of tools, not just big shoes, but minimal shoes as well.

If you have a trauma injury, or disability, and you can’t participate then that’s different, you’re hurt, or you need the extra help, so you can get the crutches (aka big shoes), and try to adapt.

If you run INSANE trail for a hundred miles in rocky, snowy, brutal terrain, guess what, you might need a tool, like a protective shoe. Cool!! Get some, wear it, race it, and keep rocking!!!! ( p.s. – You’re a beast!!)

Variety is the spice of life, and feet are no different. There is a place for minimal AND big giant cushy shoes, when used properly. But at the end of the day don’t say, “don’t go barefoot or minimal!!! You’ll get hurt!!” Because you would be wrong, bad running will get you hurt, not shoes!! Cheers