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ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s Official!! I Am Sponsored By Merrell!

By on December 18, 2012

I would like to make a HUGE announcement!! 1.5 years ago I was 220lbs, lazy, couldn’t run a mile, couldn’t swim a half of a lap, and I didn’t even have a bike… In one year I went from Couch to Ironman 140.6 Mile Triathlete, became a Vegan, and lost 53lbs in the process… My attitude changed for the positive, I learned more about myself along the way than I would’ve ever imagined… At the beginning of my journey I met a Merrell Representative named Andy Duemling at one of the Running Clinics hosted by my Coach, and dear friend Dr. Ryan Green at Varsity Sports.

Andy showed me some tips and tricks to deal with my injuries, listened to my “insane” goal to become an Ironman in one year, he put a big smile on his face, he shook my hand, and wished me good luck and told me to keep training hard. Before he left he gave me his card and said, “Seriously, contact me any time bro, I am here for you, and really excited..”, and then he personally bought and handed me my first pair of Merrell shoes, The Road Glove, and said he always wanted to do an Ironman but it just took so much time to train… He believed in me… After putting them on I became hooked… Merrell was not there for me ONCE I became an Ironman, they were there for me at the beginning of my journey when I was just a nobody from nowhere…

Since Andy handed me those shoes I’ve went through MANY MANY pairs and completed TONS of training runs, half marathons, marathons,  70.3’s, and IRONMAN LOUISVILLE 140.6 in my Merrells. So when I say this I say it with great passion and some emotion, “I AM SPONSORED BY MERRELL AND I AM A MERRELL ALPHA PACK LEADER”!!!!!!! As a pack leader I am going to be here to help you, coach you, run with you, help inspire you, and do ANYTHING I can do get you outside!!!

This year I plan to complete a 5150, Two Ironman 70.3 races TBD, Two Ironman 140.6 races TBD, a few half marathons, a marathon, a century, and who knows what else!! But more importantly my goal this year is to get YOU outside WITH ME!!!! I don’t care what you do, how you do it, and where you are.. You can be in Australia, Japan, North America, or Antarctica.. If you are reading this then you can join THE MERRELL PACK.

Do you want to be a part of  THE MERRELL PACK? Just CLICK HERE (Make sure you ENTER your shirt and shoe size and BOOM!!!! you are in The Pack!!!)