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A Race to Remember… My Half Marathon Anniversary & My True Ironman Beginning

By on October 14, 2012

One year ago I ran my first real distance race towards my Ironman goal, The Gulf Coast Half Marathon, and tomorrow I will run it again, and complete my first post Ironman Race. After grinding out and training hard through this past year, and completing my full Ironman goal in Louisville, I am reminded of a WHOLE lot of things… I am sitting here watching Ironman KONA (in complete Inspiration mode) and at this point last year it just seemed SO FAR AWAY! I just felt like there was no way, where would the training come from, where would I get the time, how would I REALLY get there. It’s an insane thing to just look at Ironman, having never even ran a 13.1, and already be registered for the race??? I started to think, “I may have lost my mind”.

I went out and ran the Gulf Coast Half Marathon and just killed it!! I totally nailed it… My confidence was boosted to such a level that it made me believe that the HARD WORK truly does pay off, even for non-athletic people like myself. This race ended up being a huge keystone in the path to Ironman. So I guess what I am trying to say is, pick YOUR keystone race, train hard, and kill it!! Once you lay down that one confidence booster that truly makes you believe in yourself then you can accomplish any goal. To all of the Gulf Coast Half Marathoners (and to all racers out there in the world), GO OUT THERE AND MAKE THIS RACE SOMETHING SPECIAL!!! Then build from it and launch yourself into a crazy goal, Like IRONMAN!!!!!!