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2015, The Year Of Reality and Limitations

By on November 28, 2015

When I started this whole thing I knew it wouldn’t always be sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dog kisses. I knew it would be tough. As a single father, you have these impossible tasks like working 70-90 hours a week, school commute and work commute, homework, dinners, baths, playtime and play dates, tutoring, and bedtime…

It’s pretty freaking hard doing it on your own. On top of that I have zero family within 800 miles, no wife to pick up the slack and watch him when I need to ride or run 4-7 hours, not a lot of money. As a matter of fact I am 100% ran on sponsorship and without it I would not race, period.

I knew that at some point it would become work, a grind, and the fun would start to fade, and then the real work would begin.

All things become work when we push ourselves to the limit physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally. When it’s all said and done my free time was from 1am-6:30am Mon-Sun. In that time I had to train and sleep… This year training did not win, my son needed more of my time. This year training did not win, sleep did. This year training did not win, work did. This year Ironman became NOT a priority.

I can’t lie.. That’s the reality. I don’t like that… I don’t want that… I have a goal and I am determined to reach that goal but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what “I” want. Want is a luxury sometimes… Sometimes there is a lot more going on in someones life then what gets put in a single Instagram post or a badly written blog post.

This year I had to do what I had to do. I had to spend more time focused on my sons school work. He is just like his old man. We both have to work harder than 95% of the people around us to carve out “almost” average results, but he is doing it, he is working hard, and he is grinding too, everyday. I also needed to put more time into my career and focus on my team, my employees, my results, I needed to prove myself in the only way I know how, hard work. I did all of this…

Success right? Well, yes. Boston is making great progress and we are picking up steam and headed in the right direction. At work I am now in a great position to further my career and strategically I am on track to build on top of an already good run so far. I have some kick ass employees and we are on track to do some big things in 2016, BIG THINGS. It’s exciting..

These things are all good. These things are all very important… So what? What’s the point in this article Dustin? Sounds like a great year? Well I will tell you. Ironman took the backseat. Injuries, setbacks, forced long miles, last minute cramming on the bike/run, 3 training swims, not maintaining equipment, and bad luck all added up to a total of ZERO races in the KONA bucket.

I finished all 140.6 glorious miles of Ironman Louisville in 16:39, almost exactly the same time as last year, BUT the cutoff changed this year, it’s now 16:30, not 17 hours… So yeah, totally deflating but at the same time I can’t let myself get sucked into the self pity crap. It goes down as a DNF and now it’s just a bucket list item that I have checked off.

3 weeks later I traveled to Ironman Florida and I was feeling fired up and ready to redeem myself. 48 miles into the bike my chain/rear derailleur had an argument and I lost both of them, Mechanical DNF, good times. LOL… Sometimes all you can do is laugh and move on. I went back to my room and showered (no hot water.. LOL, figures) and watched some pretty amazing friends get after it. So all in all not a bad day at the office. Shout out to my girl Tracie who is a real life Wonder Woman (and now Ironman). You rock girl!!!

So what now? Well, now I have to figure out how to father, work, and train with some sort of balance. When I started this whole thing I worked from home and Boston did not go to school so it was a ton easier. Life has changed quite a bit since then so it’s different now. I’ve got 7 more of these to finish so I must get creative. I have to get a good treadmill ($$$ somehow) and I have to figure out how to make time for myself to train without taking away from the important things that require me to be fully attentive (Boston/Work).  2015 was certainly the year of reality and limitations, but I will get there.. One way or the other KONA is mine. My time table of reaching KONA has lost a year BUT I will not give up and I will be there one day.

So I need to make next year a big year.. I have to compensate for this year.

Thank you GU ENERGY for taking a chance on this slow mediocre triathlete.  I could not do this stuff without you. Truly, sincerely, thank you…

Happy Holidays Everyone.