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12 Kona Finishes and now he battles Cancer… Yeah, we’ve got your back Steve-O!!!!!!!

By on April 26, 2012

I received a message this morning and learned about Steve Smith, his training buddies call him Steve-O… Read this message from his daughter first, then let’s talk…

“I have a request. I was suppose to make my debut back to running this weekend at the Race for the Cure 5K. Due to my Dad’s health situation and fight against his brain tumor, I won’t be there. I was wondering if in honor of my dad, Steve Smith, if anyone who is running it (or any races) if you could tape his name to your shirt?? I was thinking “Steve-O” since that’s what all his training buddies call him. For those of you who may not know my dad, he is a world class triathlete who’s been competing in triathlons for as long as I can remember. He’s finished 12 Kona Ironman World Championships and he is a champion triathlete and recently earned the distinction of USA Triathlon All-American (for the umptheenth time). He’s also been nominated into the High School Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame. I could go on forever with all his achievements, but to sum it up- He’s BAD ASS!! He was suppose to compete in St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Pete’s, FL this weekend. Any support will be appreciated and hope all this energy from everyone will be sent his way to help in his fight. Send pictures to me or my Dad of you in the shirt, he’d be touched by the thought and it will give him more courage to know he has so many people on his side. Thanks!! Sarah”

Sarah and Steve-O.. This guy is a BAD ASS... Just saying..

Um yeah, so this dude is for real… 12 Kona finishes?? Are you kidding me?? He is more than real, he is pure Ironman.. So let’s help a bro out and do exactly what his daughter has asked of us. If you are racing anywhere soon please Write, Tape, Make a shirt, or something with “Steve-O” on it.. Hell put it on your hat, visor, tape it to your bike… Be creative.. It’s free and it’s going to give Steve a feeling of brotherhood among us.. Then email those pictures to me so I can get them to him… He has felt it on the course but now he needs to feel like he is still out there with us. I don’t know Steve, I have never met him, but we all share something in common, we all are chasing the Ironman, always, just like he is now…

Here is my Steve-O picture… More to come

Adam James Muncie, IN Showing his love... Thanks man

Denis Oakley from Thanks Bro

Pure Awesome... Keep Them Coming

Aaron Smith & Marsha Wood

From Jeff

Heather from

Alissa from Personal Best Fitness

Kristopher Williams

Every Member of the I.U. Rowing team Racing for Steve-O Today!!

The Wingenroths - Coaches vs. Cancer basketball tournament at Butler University

Luke Sagur at the South Carolina State Mountain Bike Championship