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10 Weeks Until I step into the 1/2 Ironman World…

By on February 9, 2012

So I have never raced in a triathlon in my life… BAM, there it is!! In 10 weeks I will be taking on Ironman New Orleans 70.3. Am I nervous? yes… Am I ready? not yet… Will I be ready? hopefully.. HAHA.. Since the torn foot muscle at mile 16 during the Louisiana Marathon (Which I stubbornly still finished) I have been rehabbing nicely… I’m getting in plenty of bike, tons of swimming, but minimal running.  I have started my entire running process over since my injury required it.

I started using Trigger Point Therapy’s ultimate kit to help rebuild and get healthy and so far it’s been INSANELY AMAZING. I’ll give you a warning though, this is therapy for your normal running wear and tear and it’s intense. You will feel it… I foam rolled before this but I received a massively positive big wake up call during my first 30 minute session and instructional DVD lesson. I will keep you posted on this thereapy and give you a full review of their products after I finish Ironman New Orleans 70.3.

My injury and rehab also ended up timing perfectly with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella’s Natural Running Workshop where I decided quickly I needed to change my ways with one quote from the doctor, “Do you want to just run a few more marathons or do you want to be running through your 80’s?, I don’t know about you guys but that’s my goal… I just want to be able to keep running…”. Dr. Cucuzzella was plum full of juicy knowledge that all stemmed from common sense and the natural body. I couldn’t help but wonder why it took so long to realize this stuff… It finally took a seasoned medical professional to teach me that we should just run like the natural body intended.. I know what you are thinking, “well yeah Dustin of course… that’s what we all do…”, my reply, “Bull Shit”…

The reality is we don’t run right… It’s plain and simple… Anyone that has trained for a marathon has probably broken down at some point and there are a million variables that come into play but one thing is for certain, giant thick shoes don’t help the natural process. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella made a great statement, “You must earn the right to use those high tech running shoes… That means you need to learn to run correctly first.”. He went on to sum this up by explaining that our feet contain tons of nerves that send all the warning signals we need to correct our form and figure out why we are running wrong but when we numb them with big, giant, angled, mushy, cushy shoes then you lose all of the bodies natural problem solving skills. The natural running process will get you back on track if you also strengthen your core and add some flexibility.

So all in all the rehab is going great, my injury is healing nicely and I’m back up to 4 miles in my natural Merrell Trail Gloves, my swimming is going really good, and my bike is going pretty good. It looks like my 10 week training attack will get me to the finish line as long as I execute everything and stay on track. Cheers!!